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Borneo Sabda Limited

Borneo Sabda Limited is the owner of the copyrighted works entitled Alkitab Versi Borneo. The copyrighted AVB was formally designated as

         [ Alkitab Versi Borneo, Hakcipta © 2015 Borneo Sabda Limited ]

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The stakeholders of the AVB Translation Project had advised for the copyright of AVB to be guarded and held by a team headed by the Lead Editor.

These rights are being guarded with a continuing mission to:

  • Embrace the interest and special relationship with the original project leaders, authors, translators, linguists and co-workers. 
  • Extend the collaboration with like-minded scripture production teams and distributors across the Malay Archipelago.
  • Undertake derivative works with a minimum of bureaucracy.

It is envisioned that the rights of AVB will eventually be entrusted to a national trust or foundation, with representatives from the larger Christian community.