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AVB Launch in North Borneo

The Alkitab Versi Borneo was premiered in a maiden launch in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 19 April 2016.

It was an awesome night in KK. A great expression of thanksgiving by the Church, and what joy to be blessed with a 'Borneo' treasure. Many Sabah Church leaders were present to bless the event.


It was a real treat to the 300+ who gathered to witness:-

  • A video acknowledging the miracle linking AVB to events a 100 years earlier,

  • A video on the exhaustive and painstaking translation process that took 15 years,

  • The long awaited ceremony to officially launch the Book of Life, in the name of Almighty God,

  • A ceremony to handover the Word, from current leaders to the next generation, sealed by prayers of the elders,

It is so right and automatic for the attendees to feel an euphoric sense of ownership, of their own Borneo Bible.

Riding high on the euphoria, the AVB Android App was simultaneously launched ... globally to the world on Google Play platform.

So soon so fast.

First in Borneo, and then to the world.

Free and Instant AVB. With the emergence of AVB Bible in its digital form, the Malay Bible is no longer restrained by human boundaries and authorities.

All praise and glory to our Father in heaven!