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Tue 29 Aug 2017 || 23:03:PM



Reported by: Rev. Richard Leow Kok Khuen

In 2017, we made a decision to use the Alkitab Versi Borneo (AVB) for the future good of our children who are more conversant with Bahasa Malaysia rather than Bahasa Indonesia.

The Bahasa Malaysia congregation of our Church comprises various people groups such as the local native Sengoi tribe, people groups from Sabah and Sarawak, Chinese, Indians as well as Indonesian nationals. Since the Bahasa Malaysia church’s inception, we have used the Alkitab Bahasa Indonesia.   

However, early this year, the decision was made to switch to AVB which will enable a clearer understanding of God’s Word among our children who are more fluent in Bahasa Malaysia than in Bahasa Indonesia.

Hence, since January 2017, the AVB has been the sole text used for every part of the Sunday service – for the preparation and printing of the church bulletin, for the call to worship, the Lord’s Prayer, the reading of the Word of God and the preaching of the Sunday sermon.

At the end of 2016, we ordered 5 boxes of regular-size AVB Bibles, and 3 boxes of small-size AVB Bibles to sell to our members. The large order was deemed important so that we would have ample stock available for sale at any time to any member whenever they needed to make a purchase.  

Our youth have commented that the AVB Bible is easier to understand. They also feel that the translation of the Bible into a language that is suitable for them indicates that they have truly been cared for. All our Bible studies, training programmes and cell group programmes now use the AVB. 

Kelompok Sel Mengkaji Alkitab

Needless to say, we were initially unfamiliar with the AVB text but it gradually ceased to be a problem.

We need to emphasize the use of the AVB for the future of our congregations and to internalize a spirit of unity as one people. We also need to be keenly aware that the use of the AVB will enable a deeper and clearer understanding of the Word of God among the many Bahasa Malaysia-speaking Christians who have grappled with understanding the Bahasa Indonesia version of the Bible all this while.    

I pray that all congregations in Malaysia will endeavour to use the AVB extensively. 

Rev. Richard leads small group bible studies

An easy Apps version of the AVB for mobile phone users is available.  I personally use it to deepen my understanding of the Word of God.

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