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How you can help  |  Bagaimana anda boleh membantu

The Alkitab Versi Borneo (AVB) is truly a ‘gift’ to our Bahasa Malaysia-speaking brethren.

Village Centre, Semenanjung

The 1st print of 15,000 copies of the Student Edition in January 2017 was sponsored by a church in Petaling Jaya and fully distributed to students, freely or sold at a highly subsidized price.

We are now seeking partners  to help fund a 2nd printing of 15,000 copies of the Student Edition.  


Students 2

students 3

Teaching them to read

You can help connect a new generation of Bahasa speakers to the Word of Life in Bahasa Malaysia. Contributing a gift towards the printing cost of the AVB Students Bible is an excellent way. Interested sponsors may contact:

     The Chairman, LAB Network

     Lot 6, Ground Floor, HTM Industrial Estate Kolombong
     88450 Kota Kinabalu Sabah. 
     Telephone : +60 138627897 Email:

Working Committee of LAB Network:

  • Chairman: Datuk Rev. Jerry Dusing (SIB)
  • Vice Chairman: Pr. Chin Chi Kiong  (Baptist)
  • Operations: Pr. Ng Kee Chuan (SIB) & Mr. Hendrew Sigar (SIB)
  • Research:  Rev. Herbert Tong (Anglican)
  • Marketing & Distribution: Mdm. Leong Tuan Ghee (Brethren)
  • Secretary: Mdm. Tan Gam Kyee (Independent)
  • Member:  Mdm. LH Goh (Methodist)